Savings Accounts

Are you tired of sleeping on a lumpy mattress because of the random stacks of money stored under it? You my friend may need a savings account! Savings accounts are for storing excess money for short periods of time. They rarely keep pace with inflation so they are not a good long term savings strategy. They are good for things that may cost a few thousand dollars that you can fund relatively quickly.

There are however a few savings accounts that do perform just a hair under the standard assumed 3% inflation rate (which I tend to assume is a bit lower than reality). These are generally not going to be provided by your corner bank however. These are brought to you by online banks either with or without a physical presence in your region.

Don’t forget that ALL banking is now Online and you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the bank your mom used just because. If they valued your money on deposit with them, they would pay you more for it.

Do your research and find a high interest Savings Account so you can quit feeding the bad banks.