Every single day that you wake up, money is leaving your pocket. Flip on a light switch, eat a bagel, flush the toilet (Wash your hands) it all costs money. That’s life. There are other ways that you are losing money however that you can control. That is what I’m going to talk about on this website.

My assertion is that managing your money is actually very easy and doesn’t look all that much like what most people have been told. Furthermore, it is entirely possible for even a modest two income household to be completely debt free and retire early without eating rice and beans.

I’m making this site as a labor of love. Through my many years in various parts of the financial industry I have learned a lot of really neat strategies. Most of these strategies are reserved for higher net worth individuals than I am hoping to attract here. There is no nefarious elite reasoning for the exclusivity of these strategies in most cases. It’s pretty simple. Most of us who know how to do this stuff want to be paid a lot for it. That means you have to work with wealthy people.

The thing is, I’ve been working class most of my life. I was raised working class and until I started my own business that is how I raised my family. I first started getting frustrated when I first really started making money as a truck driver. I had put my time in on the crummy runs and was finally making what I considered to be really good money. Enough that I was actually going to have to pay taxes beyond what we could deduct for the house and kids. I decided it was time to start working with someone to minimize my taxes and start contributing toward my retirement.

I wasn’t completely ignorant on the subject. I’ve always been interested in money. I have also always been a voracious reader. With that in mind by the time I had come to this point I had probably already read or listened to 30-50 books on accounting, tax planning, investing and other topics in that basic genre. At the point of this writing I am closer to 300. Very few were earth shattering. Most were hokey sales pitches. Others were blatantly compilations of generically written knock offs of their generic competitors. I was able to pull enough out however that I felt knowledgeable enough to have a decent conversation with some money people.

Upon a referral I sat down with my first money guy. I was not impressed. Fortunately once we got to a certain point we found out together that I did not have enough money to invest with him. I was relieved that I wasn’t going to have to tell him I wasn’t interested.

The next money guy was a repeat of the first and I started to feel like maybe they should have both read a few more books. I know that sounds arrogant but I might also be a little arrogant. I’ve spent most of my life learning from books and I generally expect a licensed expert in a field to know more than I do.

I decided I was going to have to go hit some more books and just go do it for myself. This lead me down a crazy road that has lead me here. What if instead of investing with some guy in an office I just invested in learning everything I could in the financial sector. I quit my job driving a truck and took the most direct route into the world of suit and ties. I became a licensed insurance agent. I knew I would need to support myself while I learned everything I needed to know and I also understood the importance of insurance in an overall financial strategy. When I wasn’t working I learned about banking, I learned about credit, I learned about debt, budgeting, accounting, Insurance, real estate investing, tax advantaged accounts, endlessly nerdy stuff. I was learning these things from very top people in those industries. After a little while I started meeting new people with cool new strategies and interesting ways of looking at things. This led to starting several other businesses apart from the life insurance. Eventually I merged my life insurance agency with a few other partners and we became pretty big. We used what I had learned with my other businesses and grew very quickly. Were were servicing very wealthy people at a very high level. I hated it and sold my share to my partners.

I decided I was going to take what I learned servicing wealthy people and go work with the people like me who are making good money driving a truck. I want to help plumbers and HVAC technicians. Even nurses as long as they can go even three minutes without talking about something gross they saw today. Three minutes! These are the people who need my help the most. I have made my money, I don’t need to charge the crazy fees some of these people do.

Go look around the site. It will get better. I am after all just some dude. I know my stuff but websites are kind of a new adventure for me. Thanks.