Why you should always use a credit card when you can

Let’s get the best reason out of the way right now. Cash is gross! It just is. Watch any bank teller for more than three minutes and you will see them use hand sanitizer 6 times. Now let’s talk about some of the other good reasons.

Credit cards give you things

Cool things at that. One of my cards gives me cash back on my purchases depending on what kinds of purchases they are. Another card pays for my streaming service and yet another one gives me free cell phone insurance as long as I pay my bill with that card. Done deal. These things are so easy to do it is unbelievable. You just have to learn how to read credit card offers. Yes it is boring and sometimes difficult but you CAN learn how to do it. On top of that, soon we will be offering individual break downs of the different cards I like and why you may like them too. Be on the look out for that one.

Credit Cards Provide Security

I saw it all the time when I was working in the banks. All day every day. Someone was disputing a charge they made with their debit card. Some internet huckster got a hold of their debit card number and now they were getting hit with a recurring subscription or just outright theft. Someone who only had $400 to get through the rest of the month now has a negative balance of $114. They are out of luck unless our dispute team can get their issue resolved. It could takes weeks or even months.

This wouldn’t be happening with a credit card. Here is the short explanation. A debit card is just a plastic representation of your checking account. It is like inviting a guest in to your home. Once they are in they can do whatever they want. If damage occurs it can take weeks to make it right if it ever is.

When you are using a credit card you are effectively using the credit card issuer’s money. You are also protected from fraud on that credit card as long as you report it in an appropriate time and manner. In my experiences most credit card companies are very good at dealing with fraud and your funds will be replenished immediately.

Credit Cards don’t equal debt

Just because we are talking about credit cards doesn’t mean we are talking about debt. I pay off my cards every month and only use them as a proxy for the money that is already in my checking or savings account. I do not endorse running up credit card debt to purchase things you do not have the money for. If you cannot be trusted to behave like a responsible adult you should not even attempt to use a credit card.

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